Rabbi Baruch Bodenheim: Makkos 23A: “Niskalkel”: Tanu Rabanan… (12/17/14)

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Review .גמרא כג from ” נתקלקל ” (most of way down in wide lines) until the משנה


  • What is the case of קלה בראשונה that it exempts the נלקה from lashes?The ריב”ן explains its referring to right before he gets the first lash.  But the גמרא  (right before the משנה ) says just the opposite קלה בתחילה מלקין אותו ???  (Learn ריטב”א )
  • Is the דין by נפסקה רצועה different then קלה ? If yes, why?
  • According to the ריטב”א explanation of the דין of קלה,  Why by נפסקה רצועה is the נלקה only exempt after he received his second lash??? (See ערוך לנר )

Learn משנה

  • Is there a connection between the two teachings of רב חנניה בן גמליאל? ( see ברטנורא )
  • Is there a connection between the next teachings in the משנה? (See ערוך לנר )