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LEGAL HOLIDAY YOM IYUN: Harav Yaakov Zev Smith: Dinei Lashon Hora Litoeles: When Is It An Obligation To Speak Lashon Hora? (11/27/2014)


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Rabbi Gershon West: Hilchos Lulav: Things That Are Pasul in an Esrog 1 (10/01/2014)

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Rabbi Baruch Bodenheim: Makkos 19A: Amar Rav Sheishes… (07/09/2014)

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Learn “גמרא י”ט. “אמר רב ששת  (sixth line from top of the עמוד) until ” ומאי קסבר (twelve lines from bottom of the עמוד )

  • What is the key issue of whether or not מעשר שני is required to be brought and eaten in ירושלים in our times even though we do not have a בית המקדש ?
  • Which source is greater a היקש or a צד השוה ? Learn ריטבא

Rabbi Gershon West: Hilchos Krias Sefer Torah: What Happens If You Find A Mistake In The Sefer During Leining 1 (06/18/2014)

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Rabbi Baruch Bodenheim: Maseches Makkos Daf 10A: Tanna Talmid SheGulah (07/17/2013)

Learn “… גמרא י. “תנא in middle of the sixth wide line until “א”ר יהושוע seven lines from bottom of the Amud.

  • Why do we need to send the רבי of the רוצח  to גלות, can’t we just have a great תלמיד חכם in גלות that would teach him תורה? Important ריטב”א “מגלין
  • Why is a persons רבי considered the livelihood of the רוצח ? Very important  רמב”ם ה’ רוצח ז,א
  • If a רבי is sent to גלות the ישיבה is sent along with him.  Is this true as well when the רבי has to go to גלות because his תלמיד was sent to גלות? See ערוך לנר “מגלין
  • The אמוראים give many different explanations on the words ומי אוהב בהמון לא תבואה.  How could they all interpret the פסוק to mean לו תבואה – to HIM their is produce when clearly the פסוק says לא תבואה – there is NOT produce? מהרש”א