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Rabbi Baruch Bodenheim: (Evening Shiur) Sukkah 3A: Beginning with Tosfos dh Lo… (01/10/18)

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Learn ” תוס’ .דף ג. “לא
Learn שו”ע ס’ תרל”ד,א & מגן אברהם & ט”ז  ס”ק א for argument on how to read and explain תוס
See משנה ברורה as to how to configure the minimum size of a sukkah.
Learn גמרא “אמר רב שמואל until “מאן תנא להו ”  (six lines from bottom of the amud)
Must first learn .משנה כ”ח  (first half of  משנה) to understand this gemara.
Do we פסקן like ב”ש by both sukkah Ketana & sukkah gedola or just by sukkah Ketana.
Learn רא”ש (end of סע’ א) and רי”ף, ר”ן דף י”ג. דפי הרי”ף.

Rabbi Baruch Bodenheim: (Evening Shiur) Sukkah 2B – 3A: Bishloma LiMan DiAmar BiSheain.. (01/08/18)

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Learn “גמרא דף ב: “בשלמא  (three lines from bottom of עמוד) until דף ג. “אמר רב שמואל בר יצחק 
  • How does the גמרא answer fit according to רב חנן, since it’s not possible for a Queen Hilni  and her seven young sons to fit inside a room that’s only 7*7 tefachim?
See “רש”י “ורבי יהודה for two answers.
Learn ריטב”א & ערוך לנר who asks on רש”י .  
Learn “תוס’ “לא
Extra see מגן אברהם & ט”ז ס’ תרל”ד ס”ק א for a different reading and explanation in תוס