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Rabbi Ari Chechik: Daf Yomi-Baba Kamma Daf 87A2B The commanded is greater than the non commanded -Gadol hamitzuveh (08/25/16)

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Rabbi Ari Chechik: Daf Yomi-Kiddushin Daf 60B to 61 (05/10/15)

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Rabbi Ari Chechik: Daf Yomi-Kiddushin Daf 55 (05/04/15)

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Rabbi Ari Chechik: Daf Yomi-Kiddushin Daf 4 & Chazara of Daf 2A (03/14/15)

Daf 4

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Chazara of Daf 2A

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Rabbi Ari Chechik: Daf Yomi-Sotah Daf 37 2nd Segment (12/01/15)

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Sotah 37 – 2nd Segment

This Shiur was learnt Dec 1 with Daf Yomi end of the Sugya in Sotah in 7th Perek of where -how and when the Bnei Yisroel did the Brachos and Klalos on Har Grizim etc.
This last segment deals with Reconciling the Pesukim in Sefer Yehoshua Perek 8 and 4 and the Sugya of the Gemara
Rashi and Radak take the simple approach Ayin Mukdum BaTorah
אין מוקדם ומאוחר בתורה
The Malbim learns a different pshat that seems to be at odds with various Shitos in the gemarah
I appreciate the Malbim as a springboard to reconcile the various Shitos in the Gemara but I have to diverge from his mihalech because of about 6 questions on his pshat-
The tape is about 27 minutes (given after the 120 minute daf Yomi-don’t worry This segment is only  the 27 minutes )
When you listen try to have a Chumash Devarim open Perek 27.
It is suggested that BEFORE you read or listen to any pshatim -simply read the entire Perek to yourself first carefully -then listen.