Category: Purim

Rabbi Eliyahu Dworetsky: Taanis Esther & Purim: We are a Great Nation, When we have Each other (03/09/17)

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Rabbi Gershon West: Hilchos Megillah: Giving Machatzis HaShekel (02/28/17)

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Harav Moshe Heinemann: YOM IYUN (11/26/15)

Part One: Purim That Falls Out On Shabbos: Sugya Of Megillah

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Part Two: Understanding The Difference Between Chumros, Halachos And Minhagim With Practical Applications

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Part Three: Question And Answer Session

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Rabbi Shlomo Singer: Mini Mussar: The Essence of Pesach and The Jew (03/05/15)

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Rabbi Eliyahu Dworetsky: Purim: The Yom Tov of YES (03/04/15)

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Harav Nosson Weissman: Inyanei Haskafa and Aggada for Purim 5775 (03/04/2015)

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