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Rabbi Ari Chechik: Daf Yomi-Sotah Daf 37 2nd Segment (12/01/15)

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Sotah 37 – 2nd Segment

This Shiur was learnt Dec 1 with Daf Yomi end of the Sugya in Sotah in 7th Perek of where -how and when the Bnei Yisroel did the Brachos and Klalos on Har Grizim etc.
This last segment deals with Reconciling the Pesukim in Sefer Yehoshua Perek 8 and 4 and the Sugya of the Gemara
Rashi and Radak take the simple approach Ayin Mukdum BaTorah
אין מוקדם ומאוחר בתורה
The Malbim learns a different pshat that seems to be at odds with various Shitos in the gemarah
I appreciate the Malbim as a springboard to reconcile the various Shitos in the Gemara but I have to diverge from his mihalech because of about 6 questions on his pshat-
The tape is about 27 minutes (given after the 120 minute daf Yomi-don’t worry This segment is only  the 27 minutes )
When you listen try to have a Chumash Devarim open Perek 27.
It is suggested that BEFORE you read or listen to any pshatim -simply read the entire Perek to yourself first carefully -then listen.



Rabbi Ari Chechik: Daf Yomi-Sotah Daf 22 (11/16/15)

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Sotah 22

Lists and explanations of those who destroy the world

1- Mav-lay Olam – Those who destroy the world-
Perhaps an explanation (clearly Not the only explanation ) could be that when people see others  who hold them selves out to be Holy and Pious publicly and in their private/ real lives they are Not as they present AND THEY TAKE HONOR for their false conduct it could DISILLUSION people from serving Hashem moreover when they may very well be on a higher level in serving Hashem then these false figures yet they see these others receiving acknowledgement for their PRESENTATION and these folks don’t.
A -strong common denominator of the numerous lists given by the Gemara are those who seem to be Faking their religious devotion or expertise AND taking honor for it
B-The other list is similar to the first in the false presentation aspect but also includes those who simply teach the wrong HaLacha By an Overt Act or an Overt Omission
So the Gemara lists those who don’t really know the Halacha and teach it anyway AND those who DO KNOW the Halacha and DON’T teach it as being in the same boat.
To restate the entire list here would require rewriting the whole Gemara

C-the notable exception to the list are those who TRY to act as Perushim for “Fear or Love” of Hashem the Gemara says on these Mitoch Shlo LishMah bah LishMah
The Gemara seems to be saying despite these people Not yet being on the Level they are acting as-and MAY SEEM like Fakers because their entire life conduct does not seem to reflect their pious conduct in some limited areas -Still IF their Motivation for acting pious is either Fear of Hashem or Love of Hashem  (BUT THEY ARE NOT TRYING TO IMPRESS YOU-The public opinion in NOT part of their motivation they are just privately trying to reach a level which is “Presently” beyond them –
The Gemara says THEN they are not in the category of those who destroy the world but rather they are in the Category of “By trying to serve Hashem even if Not fully sincere Eventually it will lead to become fully sincere”
Because their motivation is a good motivation Fear or Love

2- The mishnah on 22b
Discusses if the Sotah has merits will it delay the effects of the Bitter waters R.Shimon says No otherwise all the kosher women who were not effected by the waters will nor receive a Shem Ra possibly being Told you aren’t really pure maybe you had the Zechus of a Miyzvah that delayed the effect.
We asked How could there be a delay -it would appear then that she would be permitted to her Husband when in fact had she had an affair the Torah Forbids her to her Husband-?
Rebbe argues and says that if a Zechus Mirzvah Suspends the effects of the waters -That Does NOT mean she is off scott free Rather she will immediately look sick and will get sicker and sicker till she eventually dies of the curse described in the Torah.

Perhaps this is the debate between R.Shimon he is saying if its suspended Nothing will happen and perhaps that is why he uses the language “you are Motzee Shem Rah on the kosher woman possibly having to forbid them to their Husbands from the Suffek.

3- we discussed why in fact would a Zechus of a mitzvah delay the effects of the bitter waters –
We discussed the possibility -that the Gemara earlier narrowed it down to the Only Mitzvah that would suspend the effects was Learning Torah and being that women are Not themselves commanded to learn it concluded that it reffered to the mitzvah of sending their husbands and children off to school to learn and this counts as their personal mitzvah –
We discussed that whereas at this stage she will defiantly not be having a relationship with her Husband to send him off to learn -BUT if her sentence is suspended SHE WILL BE ABLE TO POSITIVELY EFFECT HER CHILDREN -Perhaps that is why this is the only mitzvah that suspends -because it affords her to help others (her kids) learn Torah and No one will do as good a job for her kids as she will despite the Disharmony with her Husband.



Rabbi Ari Chechik: Daf Yomi-Sotah Daf 10 (11/04/15)

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Sotah 10
1-extensive discussion to explain how long is a Generation and answer mifarshim’s questions on the Marsha’s pshat in the Gemara

2-Further discussion on Shimshon and his being a Gadol HaDor Judge of Klall Yisroel

3-5 people who were blessed with the epedemee of a quality but were punished for misuse

4- were there Converts before Matan Torah

5- Yehuda and Tamar

6-extensive discussion on the Gemara’s meaning of “Better to die in Flames than embarrass another in public”
Is it meant figuratively or other wise

7-Discussion of good vs bad Angels -Every thing Works for Hashem period there are no Independent agents –
Only people have Bichira -Free Choice

8-Discussion of AvShalom and his monument -a tragic figure
Dovid’s prayer for him
-one of the few places where the Gemara on Amud Aleph says
We will discuss Him later



Rabbi Ari Chechik: Daf Yomi-Sotah Daf 9 (11/03/15)

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Sotah daf 9

1-detailed discussion of the Midah kineged Midah punishment of the Sotah
2-discussion that Hashem interacts  with us in ALL MATTERS with Midah kineged Midah Both in Reward and Punishment
3-no one could get hold of Moshe and Dovids creation the Mishkun is buried beneath the Tunnels below the Mikdash Roshone
4- examples of those who tried to acquire through sin that which was Not meant for them -they didnt attain their ends and lost what they already had
Extensive discussion of Shimshone (Samson)
Very important point
That Dispite that pasuk says it was Hashems decree that he marry the Pilishty woman Shimshon was Punished because that is NOT why He married her
כי אזל מיהא בתר ישרותיה
He said she is “fit in My Eyes”
And he received the Unfortunate Punishment