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Rabbi Ari Chechik: Daf Yomi-Kesubos 18 (02/19/15)

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 Daf Yomi Kesubos 18

1- continuing to ask why the Mishneh choose the case of “I bought the field from your father” as the case to prove that Rabi Yehoshua concedes that this type of פה שאסר works;
2-gemara discusses and refutes the possibility having used other cases such as saying he bought the field from the son -and discusses the laws of Chazaka with a claim and rules for making a proper מחאה -protest to contest the 3 year חזקה
3-then queries why not say a case of him admitting a loan 
4- then queris why not say a case of him admitting a partial loan -מודה במקצת
5- and the gemar refutes these as possibilities discussing if the laws  of מודה בקצת  applies only to a denial to the lender or if it also applies if the denial is made to the lenders son if it doesn’t the admission to half the loan would be כמשיב אבידה 
6- it also discusses Rabba reasoning “why “the Torah made a מודה במקצת  swear- we asked we don’t poskin like Rav Shimon who is דורש טעמה דקרא like the case of returning collateral to a rich widow
7-Mishneh on 18b deals with פה שאסר
Regarding witnesses retracting the validity of their signatures 
despite being authentic signatures 
8- אנוסים היינו קטנים היינו פסולי עדות היינו
9- does coerced mean they had a gun to their heads or even admit they took a bribe.
10- dealing with these claims the Gemara discusses כיון שהגד שוב אינו חוזר ומגיד 
11-אין אדם משים עצמו רשע 
12- in Shiur we tried to deal with questions difference between שויה נפשיה חתיחא דאיסורא vs אין אדם משים עצמו רשע with רע׳א and נודה ביהודה
13- among other questions on כיון שהגיד
14- we touched on פלגינן דיבורו/נאמנות questions 
15- and how could Rav Meir say even though they have a פה שאסר still they are not believed to say they were minors when they signed because their is a stinger presumption that a person won’t sign minors on a loan document -BUT IF THEY WERE קטנים THERE WAS NO LOAN 
How would Beis din know of a loan -because of them but if they were minors there was no loan AND no presumption that the crook wouldn’t sign minors -just the opposites and a adult would to want to sign a false document whereas the minor doesn’t understand what he is signing 

Rabbi Ari Chechik: Daf Yomi-Kesubos 11 (02/12/15)

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 Daf Yomi Kesubos 11

1- גר קטן מטבילין אותו על דעת בית דין converting a minor by beis din
2- many technical questions and how he can opt out
3-discussion of types of Non בתולה and the amount they get for Kesuba 
4- parameters if married under the impression she was a בתולה but ended up different when מקח טעות and when just a reduction in amount of Kesuba 

Rabbi Ari Chechik: Daf Yomi-Kesubos 10 (02/11/15)

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 Daf Yomi Kesubos 10

1-new meaning in חזקה אין אדם טורח בסעודה ומפסידה
2-new meaning in Gemara’s correction to a seeming mistake 
כתובה קנס חכמים
3- discussion is Kesuba דאורייתא  או דרבנן 
4- almana all hold Kesuba derabanan 
5-how can Beis din believe an inexperienced Chasan on טענת פתח פתוח
6-various cases where various Gedolim did experimentation to prove the Kalla was in fact a בתולה
7-explanation of הטייה in technical terms
8-Mishneh whose Kesuba is 2 maneh whose is 1 maneh 
9-Rav Chanan Bagdash the Torah uses words based on future events and many explanation a of the meaning of various names and nouns

Rabbi Ari Chechik: Daf Yomi-Kesubos 2 (02/03/15)

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 Daf Yomi Kesuvos 2

 1- Chidush why chazal made a wedding on Wednesday

2-Chidush of Nisivos Hamishpat on accidents in the condition of a Get

3- Mussar Point drawn from the Lumdus of the Nisivos