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Rabbi Baruch Bodenheim: Megillah 27B: Gemara UliRav Meir heichi dairee baih (06/22/17)

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Quickly review the :גמרא כ”ז after the second משנה  until the two dots.

According to ר”מ a shul can only be sold with the stipulation that it can be purchased back.
  • The :גמרא כ”ו says it’s forbidden to rent or use a shul as collateral.  According to ר”מ why is this worse then selling a shul with the stipulation that it can be purchased back?  See “תוס’ כ”ו: “אוגרה
  • Does תוס’ learn like רש”י or the ר”ן?
  •  (See רשב”א for a new approach to explain when and where ר”מ permits the sale of shul and תשמישי מצוה )
Learn the גמרא from the two dots until “שאלו תלמידיו” (three lines from the bottom of the עמוד)
  • Is there an answer for the גמרא  question as to what is the novelty of שמואל halacha? See רשב”א
  • According to the רבנן does one need to stipulate in the sale of a shul that it may not be used for the four degrading modes of use? See רשב”א
See מאירי for introduction to the whole גמרא of the secret of longevity.
Learn “תוס’ “ולא and גמרא ב”מ נ”ח: ורש”י שם as to when it is forbidden to call someone by a nickname. 

Rabbi Shlomo Singer: Kesubos 3B: Sugya of Tznuos Uprutzos (06/25/17)

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