Category: Bava Metzia

Rabbi Baruch Bodenheim: Wednesday Night Shiur Last Shiur of Eilu Metzios Page 33A to 33B (10/10/2012)


Learn Gemara 33a “Tanu Rabanan” until end of Perek.
Questions; the gemara implies that was does not receive reward for learning chumash. Why not? (Maharsha)
Question on gemara 33b from the way the gemara explains the pasuk in Sefer Yeshayah it seems its better to be an ignorance then a talmid chachom!? (Maharasha)

Rabbi Baruch Bodenheim: Monday Night Gemara Shiur Bava Metzia 32A: Mitzvah Min HaTorah Lifrok.. (08/20/2012)

Learn Gemara 32a “Mitzva Min .. ” (first big wide line) until end of the Amud.
Fundamental Questions; What is the Chidush of the Torah writing the obligation to help both load & unload someones animal. Is the Chidush that one can charge for loading, or that the unloading has to be done for free? Learn Rashi “Lomar” very well. Tosfos 31a “Lamah” (Maharsha on Rashi “Lomar”)
How do we calculate the payment for loading? As a day laborer, or a Poel batel? Rosh Siman 28, Nimukei Yosef pg 17b of the Rif “Lifrok Bchinum”