Category: 5776

Rabbi Baruch Bodenheim (Morning Shiur) Beitzah 2B: Ein Mivakin Eitzim min HaKoros (09/29/16)

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Rabbi Baruch Bodenheim (Morning Shiur) Beitzah 2A: Tosfos “UBais Hillel & Rashba (09/26/16)

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Rabbi Baruch Bodenheim: Megillah 21A: Gemara Tana Masheain Kain BaTorah (09/21/16)

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Quickly review the גמרא from after the משנה and continue until the end of the עמוד.


  • What is the reason why one has to stand by קריה”ת ?
  • Why does the רבי have to be in same position as the תלמיד ? Learn ר”ן.

Major Questions:

  • How could משה רבינו have been sitting while learning the תורה when the גמרא said above that the source that the בעל קורא must be standing when reading the תורה is from פסוק of ואתה פה עמוד עמדי ?
  • Why are we permitted to learn תורה while we are sitting?

Point לעיין

  • Can one sit while hearing קריה”ת ? Learn שו”ע או”ח קמ”ו,ד ,ט”ז ס”ק א ופמ”ג פשט בט”ז, & לבוש קמ”א, א & ד (printed & on the table).